September 6, 2011
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Technically Commands are the primary interface to ProWiki. For example the command

produces the list of all pages of this wiki. Only the part after the question mark (in this example "action=index") is of interest because the part before the question mark is identical for all commands that access a specific wiki.

The commands are usually hidden behind the labeled links of the UserInterface. Sometimes they are written directly into pages. One can use "ThisWiki" as a kind of "local InterWiki" abbreviation to write commands, e. g. ThisWiki:action=index.

Who needs to know about commands?

A normal user does not need to know commands, although he will ocassionally notice their appearance in the BrowserCommandLine.

Admins should know about Commands, because they embody the total set of functions of ProWiki. They can be written into pages and SideBars to improve the UserInterface in search for maximum usability.

Advanced users may enter Commands directly that are not offered by the UserInterface.

The syntax of commands

The three syntax-forms of commands are:

The first form (green) is the most general and every command can be written this way, as a list of assignments separated by ampersands.

The second form (yellow) is an abbreviation for a few common commands, effectively replacing "action=commandname&id=pagename" by a shorter "commandname=pagename".

The third form (blue) is the most common command used to display pages, effectively replacing "browse=pagename" or "action=browse&id=pagename".

So in effect each command can be written as an Action and the term Command and Action are often used interchangeably.

General parameters

Parameters may change the result of a Command and are documented together with the specific Command. A number of parameters have a general meaning and are used in an number of commands.

They are documented in the Command/Parameter branch.

Command list

Deprecated (will be removed in release 2.0.39):
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