November 2, 2006
Folder Folders

This page is a folder that contains all other folders (see below). It's also an attempt to explain how folders work. See also: TheFolderSystem.

Folders appear to be any page that contains "Folder" as the first term of it's CamelCase wiki page name. Using "Folder" isn't required(?) by the ProWiki software but is instead a convention users should follow.

The software itself just makes all wiki links at the very bottom of the page (beneath a horizontal line) show up as "related pages" on whatever pages are so linked to, giving the right kind of functionality for the category/folder concept (IE letting people go to a page that lists all the other pages that fall under the concept described in the page/folder/category's name).

The equivalent of "uncategorizedcategories" in MediaWiki (useful for detecting newbie editers and their mistakes) doesn't seem to exist. If a category/folder is added in ProWiki the link must be labeled FolderFolders to show up here. If folders are messed up in ProWiki you detect this by... please add explanation.

What do you mean by "messed up"?

Suppose a wiki has a hierarchical system of folders for geographically relevant pages... pages about Thailand would go in a folder for that... which would go in the folder for South East Asia which is in the Asia folder which is in the Earth folder (or whatever).

Now suppose someone starts a page (without knowing much about the wiki) on something about the capital of Thailand, Bankok, and puts a line at the bottom with CategoryBankok or some similar invented "category sounding thing" because they're sorta up on wikis but not on this wiki's conventions for doing stuff. Further, suppose they did this while no one was minding the RecentChanges too diligently (or maybe the wiki's so popular you'd have to check the page within an hour to have a good chance to notice the edit and no one checked in the crucial window of time).

We need something other than RecentChanges to detect this. In MediaWiki the first issue could be caught with "Special:Wantedcategories" and assuming there are people patrolling that page one of them would see "CategoryBankok" and replace it with "FolderBankok", maybe giving that folder a little blurb about everything in the folder being about Bankok... a more knowledgeable folder editor (if the equivalent of "Special:Uncategorizedcategories" existed) would be able to find that and put it into FolderThailand... and of course FolderFolders (although "FolderFolders" makes things "needle in a haystack" time with no way to "find, fix, and shrink the list"). Mediawiki also has "Special:Categories" (which as near as I can tell is an automatically generated FolderFolders) but it's not really good for any of the social issues that come up in a large wiki with lots of newbies needing wiki educations.


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