April 6, 2006
Open Source

ProWiki is OpenSource and FreeSoftware.

There are official statements and documents about what that means. Especially the offical GPL license published.

In EverydayLanguage "ProWiki is OpenSource" means:

  • you have access to the source of ProWiki and all information to use it for whatever you want
    • non-commercial or commercial
    • private or public
  • you can pass the system to friends or customers, to whomever you want
  • you are not allowed to turn it into a closed system, not even if you add features of your own
  • you are not allowed to remove the references to its authors and publish it as your origin work.
ProWiki is OpenSource in the sense that you are bound to the GPL license but you are not obliged to altruistic or non-commercial behaviour. You can EarnMoneyWithProWiki and we will be happy to support you.